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TJ from TJ and Amal


This is just taking from the extra art and the comic itself, but I assume by now that TJ was in a war. He was a soldier. Which makes sense because of his “farmer’s tan”, some of the holes in his recent pop culture knowledge, his hidden but there strength, and his reluctance to talk about his past. Also, there’s that artwork with a horrible horrible future that shows the back of a soldier with a scar exactly where TJ has a scar. And I think that’s also why he grows his hair so long, because he was used to/was tired of it being cut short.

I’m still waiting on a back story. And rocking back and forth hoping that artwork where Amal is a Catholic priest and TJ is sick/dying (presumably of AIDS, unless he’s really just that thin) doesn’t mean anything (which it probably does *sob*)

I highly doubt TJ was in a war. His personal one, yes, that’s for sure.
His lack of pop culture knowledge comes from a lack of interest. He didn’t grow up with these things and they simply aren’t part of his life. Farmers tan? Again, he doesn’t care. Probably tans easily and wears short sleeves and shorts all the time.
Yes, TJ does know how to use a gun. And I assume his scar comes from a gunshot too. But I am sure he was simply a criminal. Drugs, maybe. I get the feeling he was smuggling something. The case in this artwork is highly suspicious and so is the way he treats his backpack. He is clingy and protective of it like it’s his son. The dudes in suits? No way they have anything to do with a war. The part where he is seeing lying in hospital? Recovering from the gunshot. The dudes he was involved with messed him up badly and I think he might’ve been close to death.

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cut for nsfw


Drew this in Livestream for the Livestream crew *dap*
Somebody (I think Pinktroll) requested something involving neck/collarbone area, and I felt like drawing long-dreads!TJ, just ‘cause I hadn’t in a while.

So TJ has aged a couple of years I guess, but Amal hasn’t. Uh. Either I managed to fuck continuity IN JUST ONE IMAGE or Amal is a Time Lord. :|

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I am just away for one week, ONE WEEK, EK AND THIS HAPPENS IN LIVESTREAM.

Oh man, the contrast of their bodys, dark, tan and buff against fair and skinny, Amals arm, the curve of his neck, TJs happy, content smile. Oh. My heart.

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