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"Katara lingered for a moment longer, staring at him. Every part of her form was cast in shades of blue with the sun’s light behind her. Despite the cobalts and sapphires of the shadows, the blue of her eyes still stood out as brighter than the rest. "You’re okay?" she whispered softly. He quirked an eyebrow, but didn’t move. If he’d been granted this view of his water bender, he wanted to drink it in."

Zutara Week 2014 : Cobalt Blue.

A companion piece to raedeanne​’s Zutara Week submission.

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Quick painting of my darling misscherry <3

I am not really back on tumbr but this needs a reblog because ahhhhh <3
The heart shaped lips and the orange with the yellow matches surprisingly well!
I always feel so flattered when you draw me OvO Thank you, love!


Quick painting of my darling misscherry <3

I am not really back on tumbr but this needs a reblog because ahhhhh <3

The heart shaped lips and the orange with the yellow matches surprisingly well!

I always feel so flattered when you draw me OvO Thank you, love!

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Anonymous asked: I don't understand why somebody would fuck you. you are a disgusting, mentally ill person and a fat weight gaining dwarf.


Okay, I finally got the time to answer to this.

I figure you are the same person who sent me the other asks and shamed me on /mlp/, hm? If not, that’s not that important anyway, cause I would say the same thing to all of you people.

I know that kind of tone, those kinds of words. They are caused by pain and jealousy. Only a few - if no one ever - told you that you are worthwhile the way you are. They told you to loose weight, they told you to act sane, to be pretty and perfect and nice. By television, friends, parents, foes, bullies. 

But you know what? They are all wrong. They do this to you because it was done to them. They are not able to see the beauty and worth you carry because the are blind of pain. And you will never have a constant happiness if you don’t manage to break out of this circle.

Your body is a beautiful creation. Your soul might be wounded, but it’s worthwhile, too. Your shape is individual, your flaws are just as exciting as your pros. You are the most important person in your life, and you should love this person. You should love your body as it cares for you - it makes you breath, it healths you, it let your regenerate your energy. It literally loves you. Break out of the circle and out of the darkness, you can do it. I know it, because I’ve been in there for a very long time. And once you did it, words won’t hurt you anymore. Because you know it better and know why they are spoken.

This is a perfect, glorious answer.

Y’all should read this! Whenever you feel bad about yourself and whenever you want to be mean to somebody because something doesn’t sit right with you.

Love yourself. It will make your life so much easier and happier.

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51 reasons why I love being here.

I’ve been back like, I don’t know, 3 days or something, and you guys already make me feel like the most loved person on this planet. and those messages above are only a few of the ones I got in the last days! You’re amazing and beautiful for sharing those positive thoughts with me, thank you so much. I appriciate every single one.

To be honest, I had a terrible time in the last months. Don’t get me wrong, I dearly love my shop, but I really felt like … I couldn’t chance anything in this world. Plus I got hard depressions and, well, I was close to killing myself about two months ago, if it wasn’t for Schpog. I felt stuck, dead, weak, worthless and that I couldn’t change anything.
I’m generally a strong person and try my best to get out of this holes of depression, but the stress took away my strengh.

So the feedback of you guys are like kisses for my soul. I feel a lot better since I am back, this whole thing feels like a good synergy. I help you, and you help me. Thank you so much for that! And let this also help you to understand that even the smallest little postive feedback can have a huge impact on the other person. Do what you did to me to others! Tell them when they make you feel good, even if you think that they are incredible busy or too famous or anything. Maybe they won’t even read your message, but you have nothing to loose, just to give.

Thanks again, sweethearts. And no worries, I will answer those asks in time!

(blurred out the private messages because I didn’t know if it’s okay for you to publish them)

I am so glad and happy.

Happy, that you get to be back on here and interact with these lovely people that make you feel good.
Happy, that things are going uphill.

I am very sorry for all the stress I put you through, coma and all. I am so glad to see you smile more these days <3

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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey Stuff at ITEM SHOP!
Featuring Darth Vader, Leeloo & Korben Dallas, the Doctor, Marty McFly and more!

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TJ () submitted:

Excuse me if this sounds rude, but I really have to say it:
It really is a nice idea to make some nice things for MissCherry while she is in coma, but do you really need to take a pic of holding her hand while she is sleeping? To me this is almost the same like filming someone getting punched and kicked instead of calling the cops. (And sorry to say but it looks like attention-whoring. Why would you take such a pic if not to show people: “Ohhh look, I am so sad my gf is in coma … but yay, I can take a pic anyways!” It is like taking a selfie infront of a car-accident, I mean… WHY? A pic of just her would’ve been enough to start the PrayForMissCherry-campaign. Do you really think she would want that???)
Plus: She is just in coma (still just my personal opinion) because you felt like you should post naked-pics of her. Otherwise she maybe would’ve  never gotten that stalker-asshole.

((And if you feel like you need to call me names now, just because I tell you my personal opinion, it shows me that you can’t be a nice person at all.))

I wish Miss Cherry all the best btw.

Assumptions, assumptions.

Let me tell you one thing about assumptions, dear Souly: They can make even the most honest person a terrible asshole. (“Look, she’s just telling her boyfriend that often that she loves him because she wants to make me jealous!”)

MissCherry has many friends around the world who hold her dear and feel for her. And I wanted to give them a little sign that she is not alone. Something for them to hold on to. 

It’s not like I was, like, one minute in the hospital while she needed first aid, like in your examples. I am several hours with her, every day, holding her hand, unable to do anything but being there. 

The picture means a lot to me, and more importantly, to her friends who can do nothing to help her. They are grateful to know what’s going on with her, to see that somebody is with her. You seem to be the only one who claims to wish her the best but isn’t happy to see this proof of hope and support. You bother more about the motivations of the person who took the picture. And more importantly - you can’t even imagine why somebody would do that except for attentionwhoring. What does that tell us about you?

And, yes, I KNOW that she would be grateful for that. As much as I know that she wouldn’t want me to take a full picture of her or to let people visit her in that state except for her very best friends and her family. I am her lover, after all, and I deeply respect her and do my best to let her shine. She trusts me with her life. She trusts me that I make the right decisions when she’s unable too.

The stalker was there long before I posted those pictures of her. Which aren’t nude distasteful porn shit btw, but pictures which make her finally feel alright with her disease (her big belly) and even make her feel proud of her belly. Those pictures made her tearing up because of luck and happiness. 
But sure, go with your great assumptions! She’s in coma because I posted nudes without asking her! This is massive judging and finger-pointing and shaming you are doing to me. Massive.

When you really think of me that way, do me a favor and never ever talk to me again. 

Your - sorry but - simply stupid assumptions are shallow and hurtful. Like somebody who says “Hah, she was a prostitute, no wonder she got murdered!” or “Ha, he got divorced, no wonder his ex killed herself”. You are saying “Ha, she posted naked pictures of herself, no wonder she got a stalker!”

It’s like people like you NEED to think bad of somebody so that they can take that bad things happen to them. They  want to believe that every bad thing that happens is deserved. 

But even if all of your assumptions were true - why would you accuse me of such things anyway? Isn’t there enough stress already? And if you really care for her even a little - shouldn’t you, well, care more about her than trying to hurt the girl on her side? 

And btw, it’s pretty disrespectful of you to say “It’s your fault because you posted the pictures of her” like she is way too weak to decide for herself if she wants them uploaded or not.

((So, you can rumor me to be a complete selfish attention whore, but I am not allowed to call you names (which are my personal opinion, too, btw) without being a nice person at all? Maybe you should think about that. But sure, think of me as a bad person when it makes you feel better. I don’t need affection from shallow minds like you.))

Edit: I am sorry for that long wall of text, but I have gotten enough such messages in the last days and just now found the strengh to answer to that.

While I am overwhelmed by all the support and feel truly blessed, I stumbled across this entry while looking through my girlfriends tumblr and since it’s about me I felt like I need to say something about it because I can not let you hurt her like this. I will keep this short because typing is still hard on my fingers because my muscles have degenerated so badly during my time in the coma.

I think that taking this picture and publishing it totally was the right thing to do. So many people where involved and worried for me, the photo really gave them something to hold onto in this horrible situation. Also, I don’t feel violated by the photo at all. More like the contrary, it’s a lovely picture and radiates positivity for some reason. I actually have it printed out and it sits on my windowsil in my hospital room here!
Glasmond did a good thing for me by taking and posting the photo. It hurts me deeply that some people seem to think it was a very bad thing to do and that they felt the need to attack her for that :|
She knows me so well and would have known if I would not have been ok with a photo like that.

Glasmond, thank you for all you have done (and are still doing) for me during this time of hardship. You are the most wonderful soul and I could not wish for a better girlfriend by my side. In case you did - don’t feel bad about the photo. You know I love it and how man people it helped and how many where touched by it.

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Announcement: Private Retreat


Hey guys.

Because of the the heavy stalking and impersonating problems since almost one year, MissCherry, Schpog and I decided to retreat from the internet. 

Maybe we’ll still reblog things once in a while, but we won’t post any private pictures and opinions anymore. Maybe we will shut down our tumblrs completly.

Please don’t expect any answers towards asks.
Sorry for the inconvenience, guys. I love you.

PS: Be careful when you find suspicious MissCherrys, Glasmonds and Schpogs on any platform. 

The three of us are tired of it. User Naveen7 wanted to get to know me better about 2 years ago but after I refused to give out my personal information, he got demanding and rude. Since then, he creates fake accounts, both coyping me and trying to get into my life pretending to be someone else (he created over 40 accounts so far). He keeps stealing everything he can get a hold of and even dragged my girlfriend into this. She is unable to get out of this hellish loop and is completely done with, too. 

I hope you are happy now, Naveen7.

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Did you ever realize how much your body loves you? It’s always trying to keep you alive. It’s making sure you breathe while you sleep, stopping cuts from bleeding, fixing broken bones, finding ways to beat the illnesses that might get you. Your body literally loves you so much. It’s time you start loving it back.


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